About Us


Ricca’s Brick Oven & Bar is a coal & wood fired gourmet pizzeria and Italian eatery in Little Italy Hammonton,  NJ that offers a delicious menu for everyone.

We've created a unique dining experience  through a comfortable  atmosphere with an Old World Italy influence where our customers can relax with a cocktail from our bar and enjoy a great meal.  We believe in quality food and service for all and strive to  provide our customers with great memorable experiences.



Our family opened a bakery business at the same and original location dating back to 1957, with our patriarch father, Cosimo Ricca, who owned and operated Vet's Sunrise Bakery with our mother Dolores Ricca. Today, we continue to  make our own Italian bread, rolls, tomato pie and desserts with the same recipes passed down from 1957. Michael Ricca, the sole owner of the Brick Oven Restaurant, maintains the family roots that are still present within the business model. He runs the daily operations,  accompanied by his wife, Jill,  and son, Michael Jr.


Some of the original Ricca family siblings still work together within different aspects of the business. Joseph Ricca, aka “the bread man”, makes the various and most delicious Italian breads for the restaurant. Thomas Ricca, Former WWE and Hall of Fame Pro Wrestler and Founder of Cannoli World, LLC, brings to our menu the world famous Olde World Cannoli ® varieties of dessert, including “The Blueberry Capital Of The World Cannoli”. Mamma Mia! Cosimo, Maria and Robert Ricca from the bakery days, show up to tell the many bakery stories that many locals enjoy hearing as some were a part of. Dolores Ricca, “Mom”, checks in and tastes the Sunday Gravy and meatballs to ensure they have that authentic homemade taste.


Prior to opening the bakery in 1957, our father grew up with very little and worked as a farmer and baker. Farming and baking in the family dates back generations to our homeland in Sicily, Italy. He was also a Korean War Veteran who earned the Purple Heart Medal as well as ten other medals within the three years he had served. He named Vet’s for the bakery. It was short for Veterans to remember and honor all who have served to protect the freedoms of America. A true patriot.  As there is more to our family history, remember, every bite of Vet’s Pizza, is a taste of freedom